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Mission & Vision
Our mission is to provide an exemplary K-12 college preparatory education program that promotes superior scholarship and strong STEM proficiency.  We offer an academically rigorous curriculum in an all-girls environment designed to produce young scholars who are distinguished by their intellectual capabilities, communication skills, capacity for leadership, ethical values, and readiness to contribute to the betterment of the world at large.​​​​   

Our Passion & Pillars of Success

Our Core Beliefs:

Our passion is empowering each girl to live her potential.

We stand on the 4 "P's" of Success:
  • Purpose
  • Planning
  • Practice
  • Patience
  • Empowering a girl changes the world.
  • It is fundamental to understand and address issues of difference and oppression.
  • An integrated, collaborative curriculum challenges and engages students​.
Key Design Elements
  Core Knowledge: 
We intend to follow the Core Knowledge systematic syllabus in order to develop a curriculum that is focused on what students need to know.  It is our expectation that integrating the content-rich learning materials of the Core Knowledge Sequence students will have access to equity in education by building a base of knowledge for all students in the early years of school which revolves around Language Arts, History & Geography, Science, Music and Visual Arts. 
STEM Modules: 
Being a STEM school means that STEM is integrated into the curriculum, across grade levels, throughout the year.  Through our STEM modules girls will be able to visualize themselves as scientists, engineers, software developers, and mathematicians. Our STEM programs will help shift the community expectation of girls, breaks stereotypes, and provides access for girls to enter STEM fields.

Social & Emotional Learning: 
We purpose to educate the Whole Child because we believe that every child deserves to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.  In an effort to help develop students’ social and emotional skills and competencies; we will use the Leaps program to strengthen students’ connectedness to school while simultaneously increasing academic motivation and achievement.
Global Learning: 
As a prospective International Baccalaureate World School, we will implement a rigorous global learning curriculum which will explore globally significant ideas and issues. In addition to the IB program, our Foreign Language Implementation will begin in Kindergarten and focus on language proficiency and cultural knowledge and understanding. 
College and Career Readiness: 
We will use proven practices in order to prepare students for success in high school, college, and a career by teaching skills and behaviors for academic success, cultivating positive peer groups for students and offering intensive support with tutorials and strong student/ teacher relationships.
Progress Monitoring: 
As a data driven community we purpose to use progress monitoring within in a Response-to-Intervention model in order to assess individual student growth and performance.
Community Association of Parents (CAP): 
Through our Community Association of Parents, we will work diligently to create authentic partnerships between schools and families around academics in order to increase student achievement, regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnic/racial background, or the parents' education level.
We believe that athletics help shape healthy bodies and sound minds.  We purpose to keep girls involved in physical activity by introducing girls to sports like fencing, equestrianism, swimming, and lacrosse.