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Frequently Asked Questions

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    How does the application process work?
    Students are accepted through a lottery process. Interested students and their parents must obtain an application from the school. For more information go to NYC Department of Education at: http://schools.nyc.gov/community/charters/about/enroll.htm
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    Why all girls?
    Research has shown that students in single-sex schools are more likely to pursue academic paths according to their talents and interests rather than particular gender stereotypes.
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    How many students does ROPE Charter School of STEM for Girls plan to accept?
    Our first proposed enrollment is outlined below: • 100 Kindergarten seats • 40 First grade seats • 30 second grade seats
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    What is the average class size at ROPE Charter School of STEM for Girls?
    It is our goal to cap our class sizes at 25 students. Our first class of 2nd graders will cap at 15 students and our first class of 1st graders will cap at 20 students.
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    What is the teaching philosophy at ROPE Charter School of STEM for Girls?
    ROPES combines the best aspects of traditional and progressive teaching methods. We will challenge students continually to broaden the understanding of their academic subjects, themselves, and the world. Teachers will utilize student-centered, active, and collaborative learning opportunities to deepen students' understanding while also focusing on discrete skills to prepare students for standardized tests.
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    What is the dress code at ROPE Charter School of STEM for Girls?
    Students at the proposed ROPE Charter School of STEM for Girls will be required to wear the school uniform.
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    What is required of parents of ROPE Charter School of STEM for Girls students?
    Our parents are required to be members of their daughter's Learning Team and are automatically members of the Community Association of Parents (CAP) In addition to regular parent-teacher conferences at the end of each marking period, the school will also host four curriculum nights for parents to learn more about what takes place in their daughters' classes, and for students to share their culminating unit projects.
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    Is this a private school or a charter school?
    We are a prospective NYC public charter school, which will be publicly funded and open to all female students with no admission testing or screening.